Summer Nails Designs

Nails attract the attention of designers and trendsetters all year round. High-end brands are launched several times each season to ensure that we always have all the colours and designs we want.

With all the nail colours and polishes available on the market, which one should we take over this summer?

Summer is the time when you choose colours that you want to keep away from the rest of the year. Unexpected, bright, trendy, neon … are all adjectives of the colours of your time at the pool and during festivals and holidays.

Choose colours that are less predictable. Grab some hot pink, blue navy, turquoise, orange, metallic…

What are the latest trends in nail colours? What are the latest summer nail arts? What about nail shapes and lengths? Here are some beauty tips and ideas.

Mint Fresh

Light green and strong blue underline the summery days on the beach and fresh light cocktails. Do not forget the sea foam green or the so-called blue-green, which looks beautiful on natural nails.

Reddish shade

Nail polish colours from light pink to sweet purple are practical this season.

Polish in love

Classic red, cherry red, red pearl… never go out of fashion! Red wines are nail-coloured staple foods, regardless of the season. So if you are addicted to red, choose Cranberry Red this summer.

Melon for earthly feeling

Oranges and nudes, which have been around since last year, are still conquering the world of nail polish colours! Choose a touch of peach for a feeling of the 70s.

Navy Blues

The dark blue nail color comes on the market and comes with lots of glitter.

The new polishes are perfect for fingernails and toes and also go well with different outfit styles such as classics and fashionable jewellery.

Best nail shapes for this season

This season, nail shapes don’t have to be really big and pointed to be adorable. Short, square nails are especially useful with dark shades like dark navy.

Slim, naturally shaped nails are also in fashion this summer. They are best suited for naked colours and beige. Rounded nails are getting a lot of attention this year, as they are a hit from the past and go best with grey nail polishes.

Long, almond shaped nails are not a necessity this summer, but are needed for red nail polishes. Share the nail shapes, colors or designs that you rely on most in summer.

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