Black Coffin Nails Design

With these simple steps you can easily get perfect coffin nails! In a few minutes you will have beautiful nails.

Get beautiful nails with this coffin nails tutorial
Choosing the perfect shape for your nails can be a little confusing. The choice of whether to get coffin nails, almond nails or stiletto nails should depend on both your nail shape and your personal preferences.

Coffin nails are very popular these days, especially for those who want long nails but can’t quite handle the pointed tip of a stiletto nail. They are also called ballerina nails because they resemble the shoes that dancers wear during performances.


What you need to get perfect coffin nails

  • Acrylic powder
  • Acrylic brush
  • Electric nail drill
  • Nail file
  • Polish of your choice
  • Cleaning pads (preferably lint-free)

Step 1: Start with a square

Coffin nails usually have slanted sides with a flat top, similar to how a coffin or ballerina shoes would look in real life. Start with square nails. If you do not have long nails, you can always shape them with acrylic powder. With acrylic you can choose how long or short your nails should be.

Step 2: Cut the sides

Since you need a sloping side for the sarge effect, you have to cut off the upper sides of the nail. Use a drill or an emery board to shape them.

Set the drill to low and tilt it from the sides at a slight angle. Do not polish the nail in line with the innermost side of your nail to avoid losing the coffin shape of the nails. Also cut the flat tip to get a straighter look.

Step 3: Refine with nail file

If you work with acrylic, you should compensate the nail curve with a buffer. Use a nail file to refine the shape of the nail. Be sure to polish according to the angle of the nail curve to imitate the correct shape.

Step 4: Paint your nails

When you have achieved the perfect shape for your coffin nails, wipe the fragments with lint-free cloths. Cotton wool pads soaked in alcohol are also sufficient.

Don’t forget to massage your nails with cuticle oil or another nourishing oil. Then paint your nails with the desired shade.

There are many shapes for your nails to consider. They may look like they have to go to a lot of trouble, but making coffin nails is easy! Try it yourself and let me know what your nails look like in the comments section below.


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