Autumn Nails Acrylic

If you look at the colder season, you can safely predict that the forecast for autumn nail colors will include a proven mixture of black, bright red or navy.

But if you really want to embrace the trend, there are more adventurous shades that you can turn to when painting.

It’s a matter of choosing a less common shade and using a new color update that is a real headliner. This way we can easily discover the top autumn nail colors that will take your nail play to a whole new level.

1. Creamy Blue

In the last autumn to winter seasons, one could say that blue has become the new black. And the trends show that this autumn is no exception. For this we can thank the elegant versatility of galaxy and midnight blue as critical hues.

But when the cold sets in, we recommend you try a lighter, dreamier Mani before you dive into the deep end of the spectrum. You’ll love how this creamy blue is muted to look powdered and neat.

Such a shade is soft like a cloud. It’s also perfect for doubling with chambray or white denim. and give your office outfits a new lease of life. Whether you’re blonde or brunette, a set of creamy blue nails looks great on any nail shape and starts your fall day on the right track.

2. Soft Red

Juicy red wines are racing into the style charts this fall. But why is that new? You’ll find that the most delicious red nails of all, preferred by discerning fashionistas, are easy on the eyes and more romantic in their undertones.

We are not suggesting that chili pepper and other strong reds don’t have their place. For a more modern, contemporary look, a delicious set of cranberry nails or a drop of red wine have found their way to the top of our color selection.

Remember, you can extend every shadow on your lips to bring out the beauty of your hands. Soft red is a color that also works well for short nails, long claws or pouty lips. So the question is, how red are you?

3. Royal Dark Teal

In the right royal manner, the Duchess Meghan Markle has rocked even striking teals. From the empires of the Egyptian pharaohs to the Aztecs, Royal Teal has always been a sought-after shade and a perfect color choice to refresh your nails this season.

Lighter bluish-green and turquoise are considered a summer nail color, and this rich dark jewel tone is considered one of the coolest manicures for fall.

For best effects, combine your turquoise nail design with black or soft neutrals such as sand or tan. Decide on the Cleopatra treatment for your next salon visit and pamper your fingers with trendy turquoise.

4. Milk Chocolate

These tempting claws look good enough to eat! Let yourself be seduced by this beautiful mid-tone brown and you will be taken back to the 70’s when this color reached its peak. We love the revival of the trend as nail color this time.

A comeback color that is not only sweet, but also a little bit luxurious and when matched with your lighter neutrals, it gives a distinct bite.

When the temperature drops, this nail color for hot chocolate is perfect for cuddly wool and as a complement to brown leather boots. Always lush and never boring, a milk choc mani will shake up your style.

5. Shiny Fuchsia

A Fuchsia manicure is the epitome of glamour. This enchanting nail color blooms with exotic fascination and reminds you of a corsage of orchids, which gives your autumn a touch of greenhouse flair.

The vibrancy of fuchsia will not only enliven your nails; it will also lift your spirits. Perfect for coffin or almond shaped nails. In this super-shiny finish, the fuchsia color becomes a new autumn classic. You will feel like you have just fled to the tropics!

6. Light Grey

One of the most sophisticated nail colors of the season is a frosty, washed-out gray. We are thrilled with a matte finish that makes this graceful shade almost silvery.

As a subtle shade, your light gray nails will look equally elegant at a business meeting or wedding. This manicure is less severe than darker shades and looks divinely feminine in an almond design that is finely square at the tips.

Combine your light gray nails with solid black tailoring to enhance the feeling of drama. Or add class by combining them with cool white to emphasize a timeless appeal.

7. Glitter

Sprinkle the glitter this fall to spice up your nails in spectacular style and add a 3D effect. From cocktails to festive occasions, sparkling nails are a great way to show off your hands all the way to the handle.

There are so many shades to choose from, but we love this golden glitter polish on nails combined with naked and solid gold on other fingers. Your jazzy hands will dazzle brightly when accompanied by a little black dress.

Or go the full diva and accentuate with a silver metal bag or a blazer with sequins. As a nail design, a glitter mani sets the stage for unadulterated fun and is sure to add a touch of sparkle to the good times.

8. Sand

The whispering sand tone is perhaps the most surprisingly polished nail color on our list. Do not be fooled by the beige appearance. This is an act that cannot be missed this fall.

With a subtle range of undertones, from pudding to grey mist, this new neutrality is for the accomplished cultured person who always looks contracted with minimal effort.

Sand’s popularity is based on its lightness – it’s just so versatile to wear in almost any environment – and yet it looks extraordinary. Whether you have porcelain hands or brown or olive skin, the sand color delivers an iconic mani that flatters everyone.

9. Ombre

Ombre Shading is a great way to wear your favorite nail colors with ultra-cool style. A beautiful, soft color gradient gives your standard manicure a whimsical touch, especially if it is designed with your favorite colors of autumn.

This muted purple polish is at the height of current fashion. Work it into an ombre with red to create an outstanding feminine look that will make you doubly fashionable.

Try some of the least likely ombre nail combinations of the season by fusing moss with emerald green or tiger orange with dark cheddar. You’re only limited by your imagination – and only a few nails away from being a knockout!

10. Holographic Nails

Finally, the least predictable and perhaps most stunning nail design of the set. Ever since Gigi Hadid first rocked her chrome pinkies at the Met Gala, this shiny holographic look has been growing in popularity.

It’s easier to pass straight metallics than it looks. Reflective pigments can be applied to your regular paint to give this mani its mirror finish.

Try a more polished version of this trend in reigning purple; it subtly glows with a delicate shimmer instead of having a full futuristic feel.

As stunning as ever, it’s slightly less outrageous than wearing a full Holo Rainbow. No matter how far you want to go, holographic glow is a trend that will not be outdone.

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